Monday, July 19, 2010


Om Sai Nathaya Namaha!

May Baba Take the evil out our heart and fill it with Love and Happiness.

I witnessed handful of miracles first hand in Sai temple and also at my friend's home.

I used to think:

"I wish Baba blesses me by showing some miracles in my home. Those who are realizing the miracles are blessed and I am less blessed or less fortunate than them".

Now, after listening to Sri Chaganti Garu's pravachanam's for some time, I feel so ashamed that I failed to recognize the miracles that were happenning in my life on a daily basis. If not for these pravachanam's  my whole life would have gone by without realizing this.

On the other hand, I am thankful (to God that He made me realize it through Sri Chaganti Garu) that now I can see the miracles in every aspect of my life and be thankful to God at every opportunity.

If we can see it, our life itself is a miracle.  God takes care of us very well despite the mistakes we commit on a daily basis.  I am amazed how merciful God is. Many a times, it appears that things are going in the wrong direction.  At the end, some how it all works out and we "sigh" in relief. If God hadn't shown his miracles, things could have gone in the other direction. Once we start observing these little things, we have lots of opportunities to thank God.

If in fact things don't go as we wanted them to be, we still have an opportunity to thank God for reducing the impact and protecting us from the worst possible outcome. The end situation could have been much worse without God's protection.  God takes care of his devotees by reducing or eliminating the "Evil Effect".

Someone may ask "Why would doesn't God just eliminate the Evil ?"  Wait for the Blog on Sri Chaganti's answer for that specific question.

All in,  we should thank God irrespective of the outcome.

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